BUYING Non-Sport

If you have any non-sport cards issued between 1933 and 1962 for sale, please call Kurt at 303-792-9665. You can also EMAIL US and we will respond promptly. The cards listed below are the issues we would REALLY like to BUY! They can be single cards or complete sets.

We will travel right to your door for larger and more valuable collections or we can advise you on the safest way to ship your cards.

1933 Indian Gum Cards
1933-34 National Chicle Sky Birds
1935 Mickey Mouse
1938 Horrors of War
1940 Lone Ranger
1940 Superman
1933 Sea Raiders
1936 G Men
1941 Uncle Sam
1941 War Gum
1949 Wild West
1950 Wild Man
1951 Jets, Rockets & Spacemen
1952 Look N See
1953 Fighting Marines
1954 Scoop
1955 Rails & Sails
1956 Davy Crockett (Green Back)
1956 Elvis Presley
1957 Hit Stars
1959 Three Stooges
1962 Civil War News
1962 Mars Attacks


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